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Don´t get caught behind in old technologies and methods of managing your company assets!

Today, everything is digital – be it corporate documents, financial reports, sales collateral, website resources, company contracts, legal documents, graphic arts files or rich-media content such as audio and video. Take control of the reins by entering the New Digital World with splenDAM!

Cloud or no Cloud… That is the question

splenDAM allows your assets to be managed and/or accessed from anywhere in the world! You decide if you want a cloud or non-cloud environment. That is the answer…

Don´t browse… Search & find!

splenDAM´s interface has been designed to be extremely intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use for any type of user. With splenDAM, your users do not need to learn or adapt themselves to new complex ways of working. Do you know how to surf the web? That´s all you need with splenDAM!

Protect your company assets

Maintain complete security and protection of your assets with splenDAM. You define exactly who has access to what and how. Furthermore, it eliminates costly duplication of assets, and also allows you to easily establish the disaster recovery plan for your company assets.

Are you prepared to grow up?

SplenDAM has been designed as a fully scalable DAM system. Your IT staff doesn´t have to worry about growing up, splenDAM does it for you! It seamlessly ensures that you are prepared to grow as you need.

Don´t miss-out on the splenDAM opportunity!

Whatever market you are in, Contact us to see the many benefits that splenDAM offers for your demanding company DAM needs!